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Located on Puerto Ricos West coast, Boquerón is a small fishing town directly on the water surrounded by authentic Puerto Rican restaurants and happening downtown bars. Cheap drinks, good food, and plenty of fantastic vibes. Although rustic and very “small Caribbean island” feeling, Boquerón is only 30 minutes away from Mayaguez which provides guests access to hospital care, pharmacies, and many big box stores.  Guests can rest easy knowing that any forgotten prescription or gear can be replaced quickly and easily. Just ask your guide!


The lodge is located right on the water and a short 5 minute walk from the happening local downtown strip of Boqueron. Feel free to explore the sights and bars on your own, self exploration and adventure are one of the aspects that sets No Name Lodge apart from other fishing lodges.

A Tarpon and Permit Fishery Close to Home

Situated approximately 1,000 miles southeast of the southern tip of Florida, Puerto Rico offers year-round access to mind bending tarpon action and a number of productive flats for pursuing tailing permit on foot. No Name Lodge is a small operation hosting no more than six anglers each week, perfect for groups of buddies and hosted fly shop trips. Guests lodge right on the beach in Boquerón Marina, located in a notable old school fishing village that provides the entire island with a plethora of fresh seafood options. 


Boquerón’s picturesque downtown is less populated and more inviting than some of Puerto Rico’s larger cities, comprised of colorful architecture and ample dining options. Enjoyable nightlife options and a vibrant downtown make for a fantastic way to enjoy the local culture after days on the water. 


Travel to Puerto Rico for American guests couldn’t be easier as passports are not required for entry, so skip the customs lines and come on down. We recommend Puerto Rico to anyone who enjoys immediate access to productive saltwater angling, with comfortable, no-frill accommodations and an immersive cultural experience abroad.

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