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Getting To The Spot!

Each day begins with you and your guide trailering the skiffs to the town ramp, taking about 20-40 minutes on quiet rural roads.  NNL fishes from a variety of different towns along the southern shores of Puerto Rico, where the skiffs will be launched from a boat ramp. The average travel time in the skiff to start fishing is 5-15 minutes, depending on the target species. 

Tarpon Fishing

These fish are aggressive and mostly in gin clear water. Unlike many tarpon fishing locations in the states, these fish are less "spooky" when it comes to fly placement. Guests typically enjoy catching 15-40 pound fish on gurglers in the morning, and hunting larger cruising fish on classic tarpon patterns throughout the day. The island has endless habitat and these tarpon have seen very few flies, in addition the variety of fishing zones allows anglers to fish the most productive areas depending on seasons, weather conditions, and tidal movement.


Permit Fishing

Unlike the Tarpon of Puerto Rico, these Permit still act like Permit! Let’s be honest they are A**holes, but we keep on coming back for more. Majestic views of the reef and plenty of tails paint the picture of permit fishing in PR.


The fishing takes place on a series of pancake-style flats that act as the barrier reef to southern Puerto Rico. Depending on the tides and conditions, tailing permit will be targeted on foot or from the skiff’s bow. Unlike other permit fisheries, walking on rocks and turtle grass and hunting for big sickle tails out of the water in Puerto Rico is truly unique. While not receiving the same level of pressure as other Caribbean destinations, these fish are still difficult to feed!

Boats and Equipment

No Name Lodge utilizes five 17-foot Maverick skiffs with four-stroke 90 HP engines. All boats are equally equipped with poling platforms, carbon push poles, Yeti coolers, and all gear you may need; unlike some tropical destinations, there will be no disparity between boats, gear, and guides on your trip. Each guide is a certified captain by the US Coastguard and will be operating their skiffs professionally as a result. The guides have spare terminal tackle, outfits, and flies. If you will be traveling with no rods, please notify the lodge beforehand to ensure loaner gear is available. 


On-land transportation is handled by a fleet of Toyota Tacomas with Mitsubishi Montero's used as support/backup vehicles. We promise you will love the rugged style and utility these vehicles have to offer.

To ensure all guests get the full experience we are equipped with backup boats, trucks, rods, push poles, etc. to circumvent any obstacle the elements throw at us.

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